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Posted on Dec 09, 2005 at 10:48 PM

Every night I read Mr. Air Force my most recent blog, emails and journal entries. He listens intently and I can hear him sigh quietly. I read with so much emotion that my words sometimes are inaudible and I cannot say them aloud. I feel the tears well in my eyes and my words feel as though I cannot breath as they escape. I stop reading to compose myself once more and he urges me to continue reading. When I finish he is quiet and tells me that my words are beautiful and the emotions I have he cannot believe they are for him. He tells me when I read he thinks to himself...this girl really loves me!...It would not be a lie to say that is completely true. I can't believe it! I have loved in my life, but I have never loved or felt love so completely. He asks you write our conversations in your blog? from thousands of miles away he did! tell him...not everything, and not verbatim! Slyly I smile to myself and he just giggles his sweet giggle that melts my heart. I am kind of guilty. I just want to share with others that there are those in the world who are good, who are trustworthy, who can love completely, and are worth investing our time and our love. I am very grateful for all I have and the people who share my life. I can appreciate the kind encouraging words from strangers online. THANK YOU!! I have shared them with Mr. Air Force. He can't believe they know some things before he does...but he says when I read he can only feel my love and it matters not. I had 5 brief conversations with Mr. Air Force today. He tells me he hears a song and it immediately reminds him of me, he thinks of me throughout the day, wonders what I'm doing, where I'm going, and my plans for later, he goes to the malls and thinks to himself how I would love certain shops. He tells me I am in his dreams and I am always in his thoughts. HE IS MY DREAM - MY SUNSHINE! I smile as I listen and he says to are smiling - I can hear your smile. His words are poetry. Beautiful, Awesome and Inspiring and I hope they never cease. I am so in love with this man that I cannot imagine my days or nights without his laughter and his smile, his words of love, or his presence.

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