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Posted on Jan 12, 2006 at 01:42 PM

Since September 18, 2001, I have been the recipient of seven Arlington Flags. Six of my eight brothers and my father have received the honor of resting in Arlington. As a high school counselor it is my duty to present options to my seniors for their futures. Many of my colleagues know of my family and the pains we have faced and do not understand why the recruiters are so welcomed by me and my staff. How is it they fail to understand the importance of the work and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform? I have addressed the staff on several occasions on just this topic, as so many of them try to talk would be soldiers out of making important decisions. My brothers seven in total have made the conscious decision to join the military as soldiers and officers, and have served their country in a fashion many others have. The military was and is their life. Only one has married the others chose to marry the military and I am proud of each one. Maybe it is because I come from a military family maybe it is because I can look beyond the decisions of men to the duty of those that serve. I do not know or understand how a nation that claims to be so proud can stunt the desire to serve in others. I pray every day that those who are serving in one fashion or another are safe, that they will be in the arms of the families they love, and that they are able to return with honor for a job well done?serving and protecting this nation of free men and women.

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