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Posted on Jan 17, 2006 at 12:42 PM

NiceGirl....I know what your going through. For me, it happened when my exhusband came back from Iraq. He didn't cling to his child; instead he sought to comfort another female soldier that he had impregnated. So, while we here in the states thought about what they were undergoing; my daughter clinging to his picture every night wondering if her father was dead or alive, only to find out that he was alive but his love had gone somewhere else. It hurt me to watch it and to be able to do nothing. I tried to communicate to my Ex about why that happened and both him and his girlfriend felt as if I couldn't move on. I wasn't trying to hang on, just when you have a child together, it bonds you in body and soul to that other person through your child. On one hand I was glad to hear and see him on US soil, but upset my Ex's relationship with his daughter had grown to a blank stare....and that his life had grown around the female soldier...and not his daughter anylonger. So, War changes more than the enemy...we are considered collateral damage. I know...I lost a husband, sobriety, and now, I'm regrouping and fighting my wayback. My daughter and I grew stronger from that experience and it made realize that military life is hard. That when you go to war, love is scarce and when you find it in the most harshest of places, you cling to it because in your mind, it maybe the last time you ever feel anything....I don't hold any animosity anymore, just hope that he will be happy and at peace. I will always love our child and in that way, I will always love him.

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