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Posted on Jan 20, 2006 at 07:00 AM

Do we need more angels watching over us? My 6 year old daughter asked me why so many people around us were "goin home". She was talking about all the miners and soldiers being lost. I told her that God needed extra angels because our soldiers are far away and the rest of us are here. I told her that he needed more so that they could watch over everyone. My 6 year old made me cry when she said, "Does God need little angels too, cause if he really needs me I can go help." I hugged her with everything I had and told that God was leaving her here with me as my little angel to help me out and to help watch over her little sister. She was happy with that answer and now is acting like a mother hen even more. Although her statement shocked and scared me to death at least I know that my 6 year old daughter is strong enough and loves enough to protect those she loves. I see her being a soldier or leader of some kind for she is strong willed, determined, and full of love. God bless those that protect us, those that watch over us, and those that are willing to give their lives for people they do not know.

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