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Posted on Jan 08, 2006 at 01:39 AM

Born into an Army family. Pop was already retired by the time I hit the scene. I missed all the travel of it. I did receive the bennies of being an Officer's daughter though. I never gave much thought to going to the Officers' Club. Or the Officers' Pool. It was some place I went with My parents on friday and saturday night for dinner or parties. Always a great band playing. Lots of dancing. Smiling faces. Happy people. Hard to imagine we were in the theroes of Vietnam. The pool was a place were some p.o.'d NCO taught swimming lessons to "a bunch of spoiled brats". At first I did not get the gist of what he meant by it. Then after he had said it one saturday morning, as always, a girl standing next to Me shinned him, and said, "I am an Officer's daughter!!! You best watch what you say or I'll have you fired!!!" did I understand. Most of the kids in My neighborhood, fathers were still Active Duty. All were Officers. I just thought that was how it was. Granted I never lived on Post. It wasn't much different. I remember when the "civilians" moved in. I heard they had a daughter close to My age. I couldn't wait to see what a "civilian" looked like. On top of that I was raised Roman Catholic too and was in ardent pursuit of what a "protestant" was too. The truck arrived. Gee, their furniture looks no different than anyone else in the neighborhood. Nice car. I bounded over when I saw her. Long blonde hair. Cute smile. Very friendly. We hit it off immediatly and became best of friends that afternoon. Until My best friend showed up and said, "that is a civilian" in a dark tone. We do not play with "civilians". I was dragged away confused and felt slighted. In protest I demanded to know why. "They aren't like us" was the only refernce offered. That was friday afternoon in September. Saturday morning I crept out of My house like a Commando specialist on a "top secret" mission. Infiltrate the "civilians" and learn their lifesyle. Moma knew where I was going so it was fine. I looked down the block to see if My best friend was out yet. Coast was clear. Edging along the hedge between our house and the neighbors I worked My way over. Checking the street both ways, hey, I was 6 and it was the only way to get to go was to remember that. Stooping against the 2' monkeygrass border I lept over and dashed across the street. Not stoping until I made it to their carport. Enclosed was said friend and her dog. She wasn't to friendly that morning. Understood. We made our peace and I asked if she wanted to come over to watch the "new cartoons" premiering today. She would have to ask. It was good. I said we would have to bolt back save the other girl see us. It was fun being under cloak as it were. Once inside the telly was all warmed up and ABC was rockin'. Moma made popcorn and served us cokes. We felt like teenagers. I asked her a million questions about being a "civilian". "SURPRISE". No different than being a Military family. Well, except the Post Priviledges thing. Her Mother thought that was just to die for. I thought it was odd that someone thought it so grand to go to the Officers' Club. It was just a building. Those who attended were mainly Retirees and Active Duty men w/their families exchanging stories of war.

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