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So I'm a single mom who has been in San Diego for about three years now. I got involved with a man I met on this site actually almost 6 years ago! We lived together for about 8 months. he was great-- a real catch and made me so happy. but he was alway secretive about phone calls and txt messages, kept telling me it was the ex and he didn't want to argue on the phone with her in front of was I dumb! undoubtedly it was the ex wife more than once, but it was also another girl he hooked up with while stationed in TX. he claims he loves us both...okay...hhhmmm..ya, well I tried wraping my brain around that for few days--I'm a pretty loving and open minded girl, but i hated the idea that he was still lying to her and so eventually i called her. hey I even told him before that I had her number and was tempted to call her and he said he wouldn't blame me...ya right, he sure as heck blames me. There was a breif moment of packing up his stuff an hour or two after i found out about her, but we talked and agreed to see if we could work things out. but when I made one phone call after being lied to for months he was quick to leave and says he can never see me again.
so I'm throwing myself a little pitty party now. and to futher that along man i really want to find some people (male and female) to go out with for a night on the town here in San Diego. hit me up if you all are interested!