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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I know the day is mostly over. It's 7:19pm as I type this. But, I wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, especially if you've been alone all day because or circumstances beyond your control. 
I wasn't sure how my day would unfold. It's my first thanksgiving alone. We always went to the Farm, together. But, we got divorced last year, at the end of November, and there's no way I could bring myself to share a meal with a person, whose very name raises my hackles. 
I'm exceedingly thankful for my children, who are very understanding and mature about such things. They are good kids. Very good kids. And I thought I would spend the day feeling guilty for not being able to give them the kind of good home that they deserve. I thought I would spend the day, cleaning up and preparing to put up the Christmas decorations when they come back. 
But last night, I stayed up watching a show on Netflix. Then, I enjoyed a long hot shower. The night was over and the dawn was breaking when I went to bed. I didn't think i'd sleep all day. But I did. Because I wasn't hungry, and there was nobody else in the house who wanted food either! I woke up at 2pm. And thought i'd have a leisurely breakfast, and listen to some music and get started on the house. Then I dozed off. And woke up again two hours later! 
I didn't think i'd need a nap after an 8 hr sleep! lol :) But, then, I lay back, and considered, how delightful it was, that I didn't have to think about anyone else for a while. I realized, I was feeling rested. So, I finally got out of bed, and decided i'd take the day off from thinking about cleaning the house. I've had some delicious left overs. And I watched a few more episodes. Now, i'm just going to read a little, write a little, and be thankful for this unexpected, mini-vacation. 
I hope you find some rest too. Some peace and some joy. And just enough company to know you belong. Happy Thanksgiving. :)