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1 year ago
This is not ment to be a problem & we can all be adults about it,but how can it not be brought up you know? ,I know it's a dating site ( "military" dating site) can this subject not come up.......Troops you are smarter & braver than him & I hope his comments recently are the nail in the coffin for him being in charge of you after the next elections.I also am ashamed of the fact that he is now hiding in his house & is afraid to come out.THATS NOT A REAL MAN ! & who ever makes it in to the white house should duck & run ! Hopefully the blog wont be pulled.It is "you" he insulted & this is "your house" so why shouldnt you be able to have an opinion about this?After all you have earned free speech more than the rest of us civilians.I have never had a blog pulled ,but I'll chance it,how can you ignore this?When is enough enough when it c omes to bashing the troops?How can you call the ones who die for you stupid & how can you be so coward about your words.It came out the way it came out because it cannot be ment any other way?Please apologize Mr. Kerry my husband & my daddy & my friends are not those things you said.......dont hide .......I would never hide from anything I say .I'm even chancing this blog knowing such a sensitive subject might be removed .......oh well I'm sure it wont hurt like when he hurt the troops. I know he used to serve but he is no soldier American soldier would ever say the things he has said threw out the years & especially the other day.I've never had a blog pulled & if it happens I wont cry.....I ONLY CRY WHEN SOLDIERS DIE !

With Love
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BRAVO Xray! Thank you for directing our attention back to more important matters in my opinions. Come on here America, really--which is more offensive?? Not that I could or would want to speak for Kerry, but I'm guessing the guy knows something about death and people being killed in wars... just an assumption here based on the bio we've all been given, but hey-- if you want to pack up his family and send them over enemy lines so he watches what he says that's cool. Maybe someone should think of equally just punishment for child molesting senators... just a thought...
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Ok, if that's the case and he didn't mean it, why is he back pedalling??

I think he's a disgrace.

However, gotta love the soldiers in "Irak" and their response. Nice to see they have a sense of humor!!!
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Well, since you brought it up....
I don't think that he meant to insult the troop fighting in Iraq. I think it was meant to be a dig at President Bush. If he had said "..blah, blah blah and you end up patroling a slum in Baghdad" There'd be no doubt who he meant, but he didn't say that. He said, "blah, blah, blah you end up stuck in Iraq." Stuck in Iraq being a phrase that has been connected to President Bush, his adminstration and the situation in Iraq for the past months. So it makes more sense that he would be directing these words to the President and the guys on the ground. Unfortunately we're in an election season, throw in a little spin and he's calling everyone in the military Dumb.

It does work well for the elections though. Suddenly nobody is talking about the closet homosexual republican that molested 16 year old Congressional pages, instead everyone's focused on how Kerry hates the military. (Can't you hear it?..."Sure our guy likes sex with boys, but your guy hates soldiers!!!)

It's sad when these are the issues that define an election.
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I don't think you have to worry too much about your blog being pulled, it really isn't all that inflametory.
None the less it did make me do a quick news search to find out just what kerry said. I have to admit it, I'm just not a news watching kinda gal any more. If I don't catch it on the internet or the radio, I probably wont hear about it right away anymore. That may make me a slightly irresponsible member of society, but oddly enough the important stuff still manages to reach my ears--case in point here today.
So back to John kerry and his comment about without education you get stuck in Iraq. Wow, one comment and his political ambitions are cut short aren't they. Must to have every single thing you say taken so seariously and plastered all over the freaking world within seconds of saying it.
I think the days of assuming that the only people who join the millitary are delinquents and drop outs are far from over. If anything we hold the military to a higher standard than is realistic I imagine.
As faulty as his words may be I really don't think he truly meant to call soldiers stupid and I don't think anyone should take anything a politician says personally. you just can't forget they are politicians and none of them are truly good. Really when it comes to election time aren't we just picking the lesser of two evils? And if you want to compare who has done more to disrespect and damage to our troops over the years... well I think I would take pause before pointing fingers only at Kerry.

Anyhow, I don't want to come off as in support of one person or another in this paticular situation. I just want to say that I don't think it was a searious comment that anyone should take personally.