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Leave it to Beaver

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Hello There. Haven't been online or written a blog N a long time. Just about 4 months...N all that time, things has been flowing as usual. Back N December around the middle of the month, my family experienced an emergency. My mom & I had 2 leave our State of NJ & go 2 care 4 a family member N the ATL area. Needless 2 say: The emergency required us 2 stay longer than we anticipated & we R just getting back N the NJ area. Thank GOD, all is well now!!!

So being back home is another story...Bcos we had 2 leave N a hurry, I allowed my 18yr old son 2 stay Bhind. (1st mistake). Wasn't planning on staying as long as we did, but had no choice N the matter once there & access the situation... There were rules & regulations given & expected 2B carried out. 4 the most part, the house is still standing firm & I thank GOD 4 that! Certain areas of the house was a mess!!! (kitchen & bathroom). My room (which was suppose 2B off limit), was not...I can tell he did his "snooping & probing" thing...looking 4 what, IDK cos, I didn't leave a thing unsecure or unlock, that he could possibly want. I intentionally left $2.00 hidden N a place & sure enough that was taken...My bed was slept N & I could have sworn that he has his own room & bed...Nothing else of mines was disturbed or missing.

Leave it 2 Beaver...Bcos my son didn't follow all of my rules & regulations, he paid the price by having his Playstation 3 & Laptop stolen. (he called & told me about the PS3 while there), but didn't tell me about the Laptop until just now. "Now he knows: U can't trust your "friends" & if they hadn't been N the house like I asked him not 2...he would still have his possessions & not some1 else"!!! 2 make matters mom brand new touch screen computer was stolen from the locked basement & he "knows" nothing about that!!!

So now we have got 2 handle this situation. He found out who stole the stuff & want 2 fight. What is that gonna solve? Material stuff can B replaced, a life cannot! A person must first acknowledge their part N the problem B4 it can B fixed. Casting blame on others will not do!!! I've tried talking with him about his behavior & actions & that he will have 2 face consequences 4 both. Then & now...He went out & I'm waiting 4 his return...

We R hurt by the situation but we R alive & have our health & strength. What was stolen can B regain. What the enemy meant 4 evil GOD can turn it around & make it 4 our good, but we as a family must maintain integrity & not go out fighting & disturbing the peace...He just got back! 2 GOD B the Glory & 2 GOD B the Praise!!! ~ B Blessed!