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Being asked 2B Counselor on this site has been a very humbling experience. I often find myself wondering "Y" I was asked N the 1st place. I was told Bcos, I'm active on this site (???). I mean, I've posted several blogs under my own account, things that R happening & going on withN my life, all with the Ntent, of leaving U the "reader", something encouraging, inspiring, & wanting 2 do something positive 4 others N your life. We all should B trying 2 lift up, help, & encourage each other on 2 bigger & better things N our life.


I don't claim 2B the best @ what I do, but I'm passionate, sincere & willing 2 give my best N whatever I attempt 2 do. I believe N seeking GOD 1st N every area of my life. Praying, looking, & asking HIM 4 direction, then waiting 2 hear what HE has 2 say. How can a person go wrong? We have the freedom 2 make & choose our own decisions, & we also seek the advice of others. N doing so, that person may or may not give: Sound advice!!! That's "Y" it's always good 2 go 2 the "MASTER" 4 yourself...HE'll direct U 2 the person, place or thing that will B most helpfull N your situation.

Coming 2 me, U can best believe that, I'm going 2 the MASTER 4 a sound, sincere & honest answer. It may not B what U want 2 hear, but it'll B based on sound doctrine...

Check me me or catch me "live chat"!!! Muaaahhh!!!! :-)