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My message for the day:

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My friend Cora has asked me to join this blog ...

My native language is not English so I ask any of my mistakes and differences of opinion or a way of apologizing in advance.

I have decided to start this blog in the period when the sun is in the constellation Libra, and just after the autumnal equinox, which is an astrological (and astronomical) a very important event, because then the sun is taking a very particular position in relation to its annual cycle. From this point to the point of the winter solstice committing his downfall. Ancient cultures and nations that are far more powerful live by the rules of the universe knew the appropriate way to mark these moments, and we now only remains to say that the moment of autumnal equinox this year occurred September 22 at 16 hours and 49 minutes.

Every day I will put my blog on one inspiring thought, that you poured a bit of hope, comfort, brighten your day or just encourage you to think ...

My message for the day:


We all came here for a purpose.

Some of us will generate a large part of the history,

second will  be the world blessed  with love, and a third will find the strength to change their lives or others' .

The meaning is not always obvious, but the very fact that you are here

says that you are an important cog in the universe ...

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Beautiful Erna, thank U 4 keeping your word & posting on the blog... we R here 2 serve others. Not 4 our own selfish gain, but 2 Nrich the lives of others. Only then will we receive the fullfillment of an whole & abundant life. Continue 2B a blessing & an encourager...