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My friend of 16yrs passed away 2day. We lived 2gether 13 & 1/2yrs  of those 16yrs. She had just turned 60yrs. Back N December, right after CHRISTMAS, she called & told me she had cancer...During our years of living 2gether, we often talked long N2 the night about her fear of getting & dying from cancer. (Her mom passed away from cancer @ a young age). I often would tell her, just Bcos your mom had cancer didn't mean that U (she) would contract it...sometimes we have 2 face our worst fears.




Our 1st year of living 2gether she went N2 Kidney (Renal) Failure. Decemder 24, 1997 she was having her 1st dialysis treatment. I must tell U, she was strong Bcos there were plenty of days, I didn't think she would make it, but make it she did...For 8yrs she suffered but finally, THANK GOD, she got the call that was 2 change her life. It was about 2:30am on April 15, 2005 that I answered that phone call & heard a voice saying "This is (???) hospital & we have a kidney, would she B willing 2 accept a kidney"...C we had gotten that call, 2x's B4 withN a month. Thank GOD "3x's the charm"...After afew more calls we were instructed 2B @ the hospital by a certain time. Trust & believe we were there!!! I was so happy 4 & proud of her. All throughout her time on dialysis she never complained about her "lot" N life. O course she Bcame discouraged @ times but always pulled herself out of it. Having a transplant was the best thing that could have happened 2 her @ that point & time N her life. She was determine 2 make it through this phase & she did. All went well during & after the transplant. N the following years she continued 2 eat healthy, always made all her appointments & never missed taking her meds. Eventually, they Bgan 2 lower her doses & take her off some meds. Her visit 2 the transplant clinic was reduced 2 once a year. That 1yr visit was 2B N January 2012. I was 2 go with her but N December, I had a family emergency & had 2 leave the State.




So, I was N another State when she called 2 tell me, she had gotten sick, went 2 a doctor appt' & they had her admitted 2 the hospital. That hospital kept her afew days & sent her home. WithN 2 days she was back N a different hospital & was diagnosed with liver cancer. After 1 week N that hospital she was sent home & withN 2days again, back N the hospital. I finally came back home from my emergency & was able 2 visit her @ the hospital she was @. (We lived N different States, as of 2009). That was Thursday February 3rd. That Monday (13th) she was moved 2 another hospital where they could keep her comfortable. Thursday & Friday nite, I stayed with her N the hospital. 2day she is gone. As much as i wanted her 2 survive, I knew it was only a matter of time.




I loved my friend, my sista...we went through so many things, good & bad but we always weathered the storm. She could B sarcastic & knew how 2 hold on2 a grudge just, as I had ways that irked her...but, we endured each others faults, loved each other & remained friends 2 the end. Yeah, my heart is hurting but I know she is @ peace & pain free. I'll never 4get U Deborah, your humor & everything N between. GOD placed us N each others life 4 a reason. I'm happy & thankful I was able 2 pray with & 4U, 2 witness & share CHRIST with U. Sleep on & B @ rest... January 12, 1954 - February 20, 2012.









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To Laylla,

Very beautiful true words! Straight from the heart with a mixture of common sense & wisdom! Continue 2 speak what's placed N your spirit, 2 uplift & Ncourage others that R going thru difficult times....& even when times R @ their best! U will B inspired 2 receive "The Best" that's yet 2 come, N your life! U R appreciated!!! Thank U...
















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Life is all about choices and your free will to decide for yourself always. God will always bless you in your endeavors when they are in line with his good will, and you will know this when more and more blessings arrive.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain .
Don't forget.....In the middle of difficulty lies OPPORTUNITY !
Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. 
When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy
Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.

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Very beautiful card Laylla, thank U so much 4 your kind words!!!

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I am sorry for your loss,  I know how difficult it is to lose someone...

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I'm sorry for your loss its a gift from God to find such a good friend