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1 year ago
A good friendship can really mellow you out. I'm adoring my friend in Japan. He's definitely one of the good guys. But I almost lost a little of my fire there. (lol) Well I'm back and ready to do some gentle ribbing as respects the opposite sex. (LOL) I had some time to kill and decided to compile a list of boyfriend no-no's for all the ladies that are single and looking. Once you read this I'm sure you'll agree that these types are NOT good "relationship-type" candidates. Hey if you can think of any others to add to the list please feel free.

1. The mamma's boy:
This is the guy that either lives with his mother or within spitting distance of her. She has helped him decorate his pad and they go out to dinner faithfully every Sunday. His refrigerator is filled with neatly labeled tupperware dishes of food that mom has prepared for the week. Ok, this one should be obvious but in case it isn't: ladies we want to avoid this type. He will never leave his mother. God forbid she doesn't like you; you will catch hell everyday that the two of you are together, believe it.

2. The Bodybuilder:
Wow, this guy looks melt in your mouth sweet BUT he is self centered and married to the gym. He probably has photos of himself strewn all over the house. He has a lifetime membership at the local gym or worse has his own home gym. And he likes trophies on his wall and his arm. You'll probably end up being another flavor-of-the-month. Be careful. (lol)

3. The Womanizer:
Now the name alone should put us on alert. This guy is always impeccably dressed and impressive. He's the cute preppy type with perfectly manicured finger nails and great hair and skin. (Yeah I'm a sucker for that too) He'll treat you like a princess, always knowing what to say and do in every situation. He's thought of everything. The only flaw: he'll probably have trouble remembering your name since he's juggling so many different chicks at the same time. Also, if the phone goes off during the date and he takes the call and walks into the other out, he's probably making arrangements to pick "her" up an hour after your date has ended.

4. The Workaholic:
He's ambitious (now what woman wouldn't find that quality attractive in a man?) He always looks professional and smells great. He eats at the finest restaurants and is very cultured. The down side, he's married to his job. Expect constant phone interruptions during your dates. Haha, he probably sleeps with his blue tooth earpiece on. (lol)

5. The Dude:
I personally think that a lot of women have a secret desire to be wooed by a bad-boy type. Well here's the skinny on that. This guy has never outgrown his adolescence and has only had two really serious relationships in his life....his dog and his car. (lol) He'll probably ask you out on a date that involves you cooking dinner for him. If you're sexy that's a plus for you because he'll want to flaunt you to be admired by his friends. Oh, btw if you're looking for him you're best bet will probably be the local pub, or dance club or sports bar. He spends his weekends hanging out with his friends watching football, or basketball or boxing. All conversations will center around him because he will think that his life is so much more interesting than yours. (lol) He is self-centered, selfish and unevolved. He doesn't like children because he doesn't want to share his finances or emotional support. The best way to get rid of him: Ask him to marry you (lol)

Oh btw, that's a picture of Gerardo aka "Rico Suave"

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