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Thanks for the winks....

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1 year ago
Hi All,
Back again after a long 'hiatus'...Have gotten a few winks from here in the past couple of months, from some very lovely ladies....(I'm not putting this up to 'toot my own horn' as it were)....

I just wanted to say thanks to those ladies who have expressed interest in getting to know me better (I will respect your privacy ladies, and not list any names)...

But, because of the 'rules' of this site, since I am not a paying member, I can only give you a reply wink; There are of course, other methods of keeping in touch, but listing any 'alternative means' (such as e_mail, url, instant messengers, etc), is also against the rules -

Customer service does screen what is posted here, and deletes that which violates these rules (although, in the past, I have proven that it IS POSSIBLE to get sneaky and get the information across) -

Lately, I have come to the conclusion that this is a battle not worth fighting any more - I don't have the time or the patience...

For those ladies on here who would like a new friend or someone to correspond with, you can start by replying into this blog - I will check back periodically in case any of you are interested.

I am only offering friendship and nothing more - I recently got divorced, and wish to have some 'free space' so to speak before I think about settling down again.

I wish all of you the best of luck in your searches, and I also ask that all of you remember our ACTIVE service men and women who not only help keep us free, but who deserve our respect and support especially on this MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.

Take care, and Godspeed to you all....

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1 year ago
Sorry about the 'mixup' about the happy bunny....(though you have to admit, it is kind of comical!)....

Good luck on the new 'hook-up' never know - Might just turn out to be something worth your time and effort....See Ya!
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1 year ago
".....Methinks thou hast said a mouthful..."....LOL!...Happy Bunny? Now THAT paints a picture for sure! (and I don't want to go ANY FURTHER than that!).....

As far as the matchmaking goes, well that's just par for the course - Same thing ALWAYS used to happen to me (and still does to some degree): When you're not looking,
or not interested, they line up outside your door (literally)....

Guess it's like 'a challenge' - and it seems to be the same whether you're male or female....anyways, tell all the dorks to blow it out their backsides, and move on....

Hope it gets better, and if you ever have the chance, still would like to try a 'conference chat' sometime......take care....
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1 year ago

See what happens when you don't get to talk to us for so long Red?

You're all bottled up inside...LOL! Know what you mean about customer service though....been there and done that!

That's the reason I made the decision back in the early '90's to get my butt back into college and get my degree - I don't have to
deal with the general public anymore now - IT'S AWESOME!

Anyways, as far as on my end, life has been slowly improving - Not working as a temp anymore - WENT PERMANENT in my current job, got a raise in salary, and FULL BENEFITS on top of it - YEEHAH!....

Now if I can just scrape up enough money to help get my 'other half' here to the states, will be all set....Any chance of getting this 'online reunion' going? HMMMMMM?

I'm sure by now you've seen the other posts in this blog, and I left you an offline IM about it too...Although, from what it sounds like, you have too much going on in your life these days to find time for this - Believe me, I will understand if you can't - Just thought it would be something fun to try.....Take care my friend, and hope things start to smooth out a little for you....

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Apparently easier said than done. so hey guess what, gotta job. how cool am I? Thrills. Starts today. working nights at a emergency vet clinic. I'll have to let you know how that goes. hope we can all chat soon.
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1 year ago
Ok Sarah,
Sounds good...That's one 'yes vote' - now all we have to do is wait for Red to answer up as it were....then we can try and set up a time/date....may drop her an 'offline hint'!....

Talk to you soon!

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Did she really!! that is AWESOME!

yes, we should so do a three way some time soon, hahha!! I don't think I've ever agreed to such a thing more quickly or with more gusto ;) Naturally I'm sure I'm the least busiest of the three so feel free to pick the best times for you guys and let me know, I'm sure I can easily accommodate everyone.

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1 year ago

A 'two person' reply here now, so as not to take up TOO MUCH BLOG SPACE!....LOL!

Red, not to worry about letting 'something slip' - It was bound to come out on this site sooner or later -

As it turns out, I actually met her RIGHT HERE on MF....She was looking for a 'pen pal' in the states at the time, and we just became friends that way (at least for a year, until it went further)....

Sorry been out of touch - Very busy these days.....going to have to do a 'conference IM' here sometime, and we can all chat at the same time and get caught up at the same time!

Yahoo does have conference chat capabilities ladies, and I know that you both have it.......

(Sorry if I'm letting anything 'out of the bag' so to!)

Anyways, if that sounds like something fun to do, answer up here, and maybe the 3 of us can get together for a 'chat reunion' of sorts.....Talk to ya'll soon!

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How fun to pop in and see a blog started by you up at the top. I hardly even stop in here any more and when I do it has been slow and far from note worthy so my visits have become less and less frequent.

Equally fun is to see "red" dropping in too! awesome!

Well I miss our conversations mr. man. We will have to catch up soon. I am still quite caught up with my special buddy who is over sea right now, but I miss chatting with my buddies here too.

hope to hear from you soon!
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1 year ago
Hiya Red!
Long time no chat with! The 'British Isles' as you put it, is still alive, well, and KICKING!!

I keep my profile here, because I made a lot of friends through this site, and still willing to make more; And I might add, aside from a few 'hints' in a previous posting a ways back, this is the first time I have acknoweldged the 'british isles' on this site -

(I'm kind of superstitious that way...was afraid I would jinx it)...Plus, I have seen what happens to relationships that get started on this site, and go 'public' so to speak, WHILE STILL ON THE can turn into a mess....

She's aware of it, and doesn't mind at all, because we TRUST EACH OTHER.

Anyways, put it in my profile that I am here for FRIENDS ONLY so as I don't lead anyone on falsely.

Greeting a friend coming home are you? As you say, see how that goes....Dating can be a drag when what's local isn't worth your time and effort - Hence the reason I went online in the first place a couple years back.....

Going to have to sit down and get caught up sometime.....I wish you all the luck you can get my dear friend - You deserve better than what you have gotten in the past....take care, and will talk to you soon....