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To All Who Will Read!

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Hey, it's been 8 months since I last posted a blog under this personal account. During that time, I worked diligently as a counselor 4 this site. I would like 2 take this time 2 thank; all those that reached out 2 me, through the Counselor's account, with your time, asking questions & voicing your concerns: "THANK U"...every question asked, every concern 'voiced' was appreciated!!! U were instrumental N me succeeding N a capacity, I had no prior experience N, but U gave me the chance/opportunity, 2 assist U N your time of need, thereby building my confidence & allowing me 2 serve U. The best feeling a person can experience is: SERVING!!! I thoroughly Njoyed what I was able 2 do 4U & gave my all 2 satisfy & accomplish, whatever it was, that was asked of me by U!!!

The "feature" COUNSELOR, I was told, is no longer available on this site. I will miss Nter-acting, with each individual member that reached out. I met some beautiful, wonderful people on MilitaryFriends & want 2 wish U all: The best N all that, U desire 2 accomplish & achieve here. I'm no longer working 4 militaryfriends as counselor, but I am still online & available 4 chats & emails, as 1 member 2 another...Bigger & better things R 2 come!!! I'm hoping that those I've developed a "friendship" with, we will B able 2 maintain that friendship... So, take care until next time. ttyl Cora!