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WOW who ordered Summer..?!?

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1 year ago
I was majorly spoiled by our lush and rain soaked Spring. The weather was heavenly and so green. Now I look out My front door I see nothing but a patch of brown that once was a soft bed of green. If you are receiving too much rain in your area, send it towards Georgia, speficially Columbus, LOL. Yes, I am a "weather weenie". Cannot take the cold. Loathe the heat. Looking at left arm at My, named "trucker's tan". EEEEEKKKK. Mind you I have nothing against truckers per se. I am VERY fair skinned. So, well, you can understand My lament as I look at My right arm and its basic palor, LOL. Why yes, I do laugh a lot, don't you..??? Oh, My. You really should. Its the only thing that keeps Me from imploding. BTW, I am apparently out of the loop as I have no clue to who Dane Cook is. A friend said he is the funniest man on the planet. Well, he thinks he is too. But, I think he was referring to Dane too. LOL. Guess I'll go look him up. Ya'll have a great evening!!!

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