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Would you introduce a young girlfriend to military dating?

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so my much younger 22 year old sis was in town again this weekend. I live in one of the largest military cities in this country so a man in uniform is around every corner. now she is a little bit of a shy gal and not very experinced to say the least, but eger to get out there and spread her wings. so I took her to one of the bars I use to frequent I was young and fun ;) after a while I ended up draging her to a table with a couple of young (obvious) marines. she had a good time to say the least over the next few days. never got into more than she wanted to, but had a blast. I think back to my younger and more innocent years and start thinking..hhhhmmm I definitly was not always the safest chick, one chick with a handful of military guys hanging out with me. but I was bold and had no problem holding my own back in those days. but now I wonder, maybe I shouldn't be introducing her to this kind of life style. I know more good guys than bad in the military, but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty who are just out there for a nice piece, if ya know what I mean. maybe I should tell her to stick to those nice college boys...ya because they are all so upstanding--not. what a perdiciment. I'm a big fan of the hey if you want to get to know someone in the service become their pen pal first... get to know them then maybe take it to the next level if you want. this seems to be the place to do just that. wish I saw it happening more often.

So my friends, would you take your young impressionable and inexperinced friend to hang out with a bunch of Marines?
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haha your story is funny.. as for your question of course YES!... no matter how inexperience, impressionable or weird some one is it is always good to let your friends have new experiences.. and sometimes the most random, wildest or strange experiences are the best ones! dont limit your friends life moments.. remember that's the only way we grow the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun or wild knowledges :)!just be sure to give your friend a lil info about the marines.. marines can be and are wild! so just teach your friend to wise, i am sure she will enjoy the company of such hot wild marines hahaha,but remember! TELL HER WHAT SHE'S GOING TO GET INTO FOR THE NIGHT!