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1 year ago
Reason to go to the mall: Buy ONE thing....Here's how a man would accomplish this, vs. how a woman would handle it....(DISCLAIMER/NOTE: This one is 'generalized' - I've actually seen ladies go in for one thing, and come out with one thing, and be done in 10 minutes, so DON'T SHOOT ME!!).....

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Okay funny story... well maybe not so funny. anyhow I'm sharing none the less, because you know what we need more sharing on this site gosh darn it!!
So I don't know if anyone can relate to this but I live ina small town now, and went to college in an even smaller one. I grew up in a huge city--I get bored easily... well I don't know if it is any more easily than the next guy, but I'm looking for an excuse for this behavior. If I have an excuse to go to the store, you can bet I'm going and since this will be the highlight of my day-- my big outing, then I usually follow the map ian found. I wander aimlessly for as long as possible. In college this got worse around exam time. heck, I didn't even need to have an excuse to go to the store, I would just go and browse (especially in the winter when it was snowing out side and the temp was like 20 degrees or colder every day). And there were no malls or cool shopping places, I was walking around places like a Target or a wal-mart for goodness sakes. Just when I thought it must just be me who does this, I ran into the top student in my class doing exactly the same thing. She wasn't even pretending to be shopping, totally didn't even have a shopping cart or anything. Her eyes were all glazed over, and her face was expressionless. when she saw me she smiled that empty helpless smile you get when you are just so beat there is nothing left to do, but you couldn't possibly go home and go to bed or watch t.v or anything enjoyable like that. That will alwasy be my memory associated with the end of fall semester finals in a tiny town in Eastern Washington that sat in the middle of wheat fields as far as the eye could see. Some people went to the bars (there were way more bars there than stores!), some people rented videos (we only had one video store), others just held up in the library for days on end... as for me, and the top student of the school... we did as women do when faced with mental anguish... we window shopped.