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Important: New MilitaryFriends' homepage and inside pages

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I do have a question. It's nothing important, I'm just curious.

Why does the number of people who have viewed my profile go backwards when people view it? Like I had 487 and 7 people viewed it and it went to 479. Like I said no biggie, I was just curious.
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1 year ago
Hey, the homepage looks neat but it takes a long time to load and I have a high speed connection.
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Yeah, I have spoken to him too.

Just having a bit of fun

Can't help myself!!
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I have chatted with rance before, he is a good guy, don't worry. Hah
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I think the changed version looks a little better.
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I am extremely sorry about this, everyday I have many business around this website.

According to your suggestion, I will take more care of blog. As we know, blog is more and more popular.
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Rance, Mate.... I'm assuming you don't read the blogs to much cos you still have on there it's the most successful dating site. Hmmmmmmmm

(Ok, so I'm just wondering if the guy in charge has a sense of humor)

Hang on, if he is taking over am I being overthrown or is he auditioning for king??

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I think the homepage is great. While you're at it we need a chat room :)
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You're taking over my blogs too??

Boy, obviously no one's told him who is in charge around here!!
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I can.

Because I am taking charge in this website.

Do notice: This change will be taken a month later, all the users can submit suggestion on this.
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Hey, how come he's allowed to paste a url??

Just kidding!!