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Happy Holidays! ashes... 38 12/22/2010
Just dropped by to say hi again. ashes... 134 11/11/2010
Faithful and Respectful Woman looks for Her ... anjopanjo19... 1 11/03/2010
Newh airforcegirl... 57 10/27/2010
If U search 4 the laws of harmony, U will find ... Mwwaa... 55 10/13/2010
Best Ever ashes... 76 10/07/2010
you are invited!!! Sarah19... 82 10/05/2010
Good Day!!!! ashes... 47 09/30/2010
In need of advise..... tony1f... 247 07/31/2010
finding mr, right or wht is left of mr. righ ... ni3cy32... 123 07/16/2010
where are the real men at????? ni3cy32... 305 07/14/2010
This Is One Small World! ashes... 95 07/13/2010
Where Are You My Love ashes... 140 07/09/2010
Help Me Understand This Please ashes... 221 07/02/2010
Summer time in San Diego! Sarah19... 62 06/10/2010
!!!BEING born and raised @ 3rd world eduardo20... 84 06/03/2010
WHERE IS MY MAN JAZZYLADY20... 26 05/05/2010
cant stop wondering after all this time Sarah19... 88 05/05/2010
Living with MedicMa... 60 05/02/2010
Multiple Myelomas found MedicMa... 45 04/10/2010
Well hey there! =] MarineGirl... 93 03/21/2010
women : men Sarah19... 121 03/16/2010
Hey everyone. cuddlegirl... 64 02/11/2010
welcome to my blog more... 32 02/08/2010
free space ITALY20... 87 01/14/2010
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looking for a woman that is not american
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