• 7 Tips to Finding a Man Who Is Financially Secure

    The reason for wanting a financially secure man can range. It can be material reasons that fuel that fire or it can be practical ones. No one is judging. Most ... For detail, click here.

  • Geeks are sexy only when they are not 'that guy'

    In the orientation to mit, the advice is to look to your left, look to your right: one of you three are going to fail. Done with high school, the "geek" suddenly disco ... For detail, click here.

  • In Life I See No Limitations Only Possibilities

    I really don't know where to start there's so much I could say about myself. Well to start I'm an imperfect man but God is still working on me. I'm 41 years of age bor ... For detail, click here.

  • Tip for girls

    This tip is for all the girls out there. I stayed in a relationship for too long because I loved someone who, despite loving me back, took me for granted greatly. Ladi ... For detail, click here.

  • What to do during travel dates

    Travel dates are the easiest dates, it's all about fun and laughter and flowing vibes. On a travel date I prefer my own room, it gives me space to do all of mygirly th ... For detail, click here.

  • What to do with close friends while you are seriously dating someone?

    It is wonderful to find someone new. During the first few months of dating, the unexplained sensation of electrical current sending chills throughout our bodie ... For detail, click here.

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