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34, Woman | ask, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

visit a zoo coffee go on picnic. dinner walk on the beach. go to see a movie
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31, Woman | Anywhere, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Some place new, fun, exciting. I just want to bask in the ambience, talk, listen, learn. I am very much a sapiosexual. If you can intrigue my mind then that's the first step to intriguing my heart. Peace, love and harmony!
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32, Woman | Babylon, New York, USA

I would like the first date to be a nice dinner over drinks and have a lovely conversation to get to know each other. I love pasta and latin food but I'm not opposed to trying different types of food either.
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37, Woman | Fishers, Indiana, USA

Nature walk with a picnic lunch and spending the day laughing, talking, and taking pictures. Honestly anything outside would be awesome; add bonus if it's something or somewhere new for me. Hiking trails including some type of water.
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35, Woman | McKinney, Texas, USA

Bonfire, horses, movies. Just depends on weather and time of year. To me it's all about the company and having a good time. If it's horses, no you can't ride mine and no I don't want to give you a lesson. The best times are the simplest.
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34, Woman | Maple Heights, Ohio, USA

Just go with the flow nothing is too much or too small cause I'm the end there'll still be a fuckup and if it's meant to be it'll be perfect I like roses tho Damn I don't have any idea what to write but this thing won't allow me to go
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31, Woman | SGP

I would love at beach, at the garden park or at he top of the mountain, walking and talking with him with my happy memories in my past and also for my plan at the future...i want the first date is very memorable.
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32, Woman | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I'm up for anything. I can be just as comfortable cuddling with someone at home watching movies/tv as going out and doing something.I love to learn and explore new places. I'm also open to new experiences.
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35, Woman | Sheerness, Kent, GBR

Going for romantic dinner or cinema have chat get know each other like hobbies stuff about them and have laugh go for walk somewhere if near town or something interesting maybe have drink as well they got be honest respectful
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36, Woman | Massachusetts, USA

Please no dinner no lunch something different come man you are smart think. Maybe I can help you I love nature so I like ride a horse go up to Montan. Or maybe ride a bike. I say to you I'm simply girl maybe you don't like me but I'm sure you will find someone who like diner or drink in the first date
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33, Woman | PHL

Dinner by the beach or near an overlooking infinity pool. Very romantic ambiance. Would be nice to talk about anything, wether it be superficial stuff or about the universe, anything! As long as we keep it wholesome.
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31, Woman | Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA

Go to a local cafe, sip and talk. The afterwards we either put together some models, or walk in a park. Or I'm down for putting together models and watching kung fu movies. I've got a backlog I want to get to and I'm willing to learn to improve my skills
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39, Woman | Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Adult life is hard enough for all of us... basic hike to the park .Or a cup of coffee anything without pressure..I don't have expectations Just adult conversation maybe Build some friendship that's always welcome...
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33, Woman | Bessemer City, North Carolina, USA

Dinner for the first date to get to know each other better. The second could be anything we come up with. Though, I do want to feel comfortable with someone before going somewhere private and secluded.
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35, Woman | Henderson, North Carolina, USA

For a first date a nice dinner would be nice, doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I’m not the type that wants you to spend your hard earned money on me, I’m really up for anything and easy to please so you don’t have to worry about trying hard to impress me, just be yourself.

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