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55, Woman | Columbia, Maryland, USA

Shall we grab lunch? Dinner? Maybe go explore a cool neighborhood with great cafes for coffee? Go check out a new art installation? A chilly walk in the park? I'm open to ideas. The bottom line is getting to know each other while having an enjoyable time!!!
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31, Woman | Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA

Go to a local cafe, sip and talk. The afterwards we either put together some models, or walk in a park. Or I'm down for putting together models and watching kung fu movies. I've got a backlog I want to get to and I'm willing to learn to improve my skills
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57, Woman | Public Environment, Langley, British Columbia, CAN

Meeting over coffee or a walk where we can talk and get to know each outer.
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31, Woman | New Jersey, USA

Have coffee and take a walk at the Park (if the weather permits)
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44, Man | Douglas, Georgia, USA

I believe a good first date should be in a quiet atmosphere so it’s a risk and talk and get to know each other. The atmosphere should not outweigh the conversation.
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54, Woman | Napa, California, USA

Unless we have been talking for long enough to know there was a friendship regardless if there is chemistry, I like the idea of meeting over a cup of coffee or light bite.
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42, Woman | Naples, Florida, USA

I'm more of a coffee and get to know someone first.
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21, Woman | Kokomo, Indiana, USA

Basically I like to just meet up for a cup of joe and then we go somewhere to chat
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63, Woman | informal food court, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

walk or meet in a park
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53, Woman | Missouri, USA

I like to try to meet someone in a very casual environment - coffee would be nice....just to get the conversation started.
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50, Woman | Rensselaer, Indiana, USA

I want to get to know you on a first let's go to a place we can talk and enjoy all those first-date awkward moments!
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57, Woman | Tacoma, Washington, USA

As much as I would like a romantic evening. I think it might be best to meet and see if there is any sparks before committing to any other meetings. Just encase either one of us gets the phone for the friend emergency.
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58, Woman | 5 5, Hesse, DEU

Cappuccino would break the ice
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55, Woman | coffee house, Leawood, Kansas, USA

Meet for a coffee
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41, Woman | A local coffee shop, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I was thinking of having a coffee or something at a local coffee shop or meeting at a local church and having a nice time just getting to know each other.

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