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43, Woman | Let's explore, Saint Michael, BRB

Attend a jazz bar and partake in culinary appetizers and cocktails while we cosy up for good conversation
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31, Woman | Denver,CO, Longmont, Colorado, USA

Go for lunch at Star Kitchen they have awesome Dim Sum!
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27, Woman | Milton, Florida, USA

A dinner and a movie would be a very nice way to get to know one another
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28, Woman | my house, Madera, California, USA

Well i never been on a date before so im not quite sure how they go or how long they last.
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39, Woman | Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

I enjoy good food (who doesn't), but I especially enjoy good food and even better conversation and getting to know someone. If it is going out I prefer a local restaurant, not a chain... I like to experience where I am. Whether it is a coffee shop or a dimly lit Italian restaurant. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my Starbucks, just as much as the next person :).
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44, Woman | quuens, Richmond Hill, New York, USA

I would love to have a adventure with the person that i love
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34, Woman | anything italian, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

a great date would be a dinner with good conversation and a walk around DC
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32, Woman | PRI

Simple and natural fun i would like to be myself I am the type of girl that will have fun doing whatever from sports to a movie night really i would just like something fresh and creative
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33, Woman | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

A movie or a drink. Maybe a lunch date or a nice meal at home. Picnics are nice too.
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32, Man | Tacoma, Washington, USA

A nice dinner followed by a walk. It would be hard to talk at a coffee house or bar.
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28, Woman | Chicago, Illinois, USA

I would go to a restaurant where I've never been and just try new things.
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28, Woman | indonesia, IDN

U have to see visit me in Indonesia :)
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30, Woman | At home, West Virginia, USA

Dinner & a movie? I LOVE to cook. Anything you want I can make. Spaghetti? Chicken? Chinese? Home cookin? Westen cookin? I have it all covered! (As long as you wash the dishes lol ) A good action movie? Or maybe romantic?(if your into that)
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59, Woman | Lake Worth, Florida, USA

I would leave that up to my date. I want him to be comfortable and it helps me understand a bit about him.
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34, Woman | anywhere, Killeen, Texas, USA

Why is the picnic lost? Always thought that could be a really romantic date if planned right. You can never go wrong with the classic dinner and a movie (unless you have horrible taste and then you could totally do it LOL) Cooking together is always a good one as well

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