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31, Woman | Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA

Outside under the stars, a hotel with a boom box or a club. Dinner at a nice restaurant. Lots of talking and communication.
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42, Woman | Palo Alto, California, USA

If there is one thing I must tell anyone, it's about how much I love to dance. My dream first date (and this is a dream meaning it's never been this way in real life hint hint lol) would be to start with dinner- nothing fancy- a calm and relaxing atmosphere where we can get to know one another & after....on to the dance floor! :) Dancing lightens the mood & hey...if you don't know how...well...I'll teach you! ;) I know it's a fantasy of mine- most don't like to dance so I accept it as is :) I'm pretty laid back so anything we decide together is fine with me! :)
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28, Woman | Yakima, Washington, USA

Dancing-food-mmore dancing and more dancing- or riding a crotch rocket while listening to kings of Leon sex on fire,holding som1s waist as we go to An amazing party...or to the redbox check out a movie and go out dancing later? ^_^
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27, Woman | Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Maybe a dinner and movie. Or dinner and a nice walk and chat a little bit.
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39, Woman | Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Conversation..drinks..dinner movies ...treated like a lady
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34, Woman | Rochester, New York, USA

I love goin out to the movies or dinner etc.. but i absolutely loveeee goin to jus about any type of club z ! ' especially latino, dubstep, && ' even a few choice goth bars.. they have some amazing raves ^_~
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44, Woman | Like to be suprised, Columbus, Nebraska, USA

Adventurous, fun & spontaneous :)
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44, Woman | country, Independence, Missouri, USA

Some thing romantic ons beach or vacation
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35, Woman | Brooklyn, New York, USA

A trip, travel, go on vacation Oh Yea surprise Me ;)
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38, Woman | depends, Many, Louisiana, USA

It should been something we will as was remember
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37, Woman | any where.., Staten Island, New York, USA

Somewhere we can both relax and be our selves..
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30, Woman | Lafayette, Indiana, USA

I'm not that picky, I love to do a lot of things! A great first date to me could be going for a hike, going out dancing, going to dinner or just meeting up for a drink or coffee.
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26, Woman | anywhere, Franklin Square, New York, USA

I would love to go to a bar and watch a sports game or a car show or even the gun range. I am pretty good at sporting clay shooting. I also love going out dancing and just having some fun
It has been quite some time since I have "first dated". I would like to dance, much more, than just to dine. I love to still dance some of the steps from those I can remember ie., 60s, some 70s, 80s. I really want to swirl around the floor with someone who can skillfully do so.
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36, Man | bugis, SGP

Kissing .ck .hugging dating in room .....
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