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54, Man | SARASOTA, Sarasota, Florida, USA

Miniature Golf , Ice cream and wherever you want to go. Maybe the local animal shelter to volunteer(: .I have a little hiking mountain by my house that would be a great place to walk and talk , or we could go to Marina Jack by the water , it has lots of boats and a great view of Sarasota bay .
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57, Woman | Inwood, Inwood, West Virginia, USA

How about Dinner,for two and the movies lets have a date that makes a difference!
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43, Woman | Swansea, Massachusetts, USA

My first date... I'll leave it for the man to decide lol
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43, Woman | San Diego, California, USA

Maybe a walk on the 🏖 beach till sunset or sightseeing 👫 or candlelight dinner 🍴 or As long as a first date that’s going to be very romantic 💑 and unforgettable 👔👗
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23, Man | Beach, Brownsville, Texas, USA

My choice of a first date would be dinner and a movie and afterwards a romantic walk on the beach :)
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49, Woman | New York, USA

Great date idea to me is maybe a long walk on a pier sitting at the end of it & watching a sunset. Maybe getting coffee or ice cream after. Something about being out in nature in its beauty seems to make people happy in general.
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24, Woman | Park, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

A picnic in the park where I can get to know a person better.
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40, Woman | Hampton, Virginia, USA

Meeting in a comfortable environment where it was easy to have conversation to get to know one another would make for a good first date whether it's lunch or dinner.
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31, Woman | Simi Valley, California, USA

First date in a public place but after that, I would love to go on an adventure! Anywhere that allows an opportunity to talk and get to know each other :)
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50, Woman | Somewhere neither of us have been to, Akershus, NOR

Let`s have fun and explore the place and each other.
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48, Woman | Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA

Surprise me... just as long as we are laughing and having a good time is all that matters. But, please tell me how to dress for our outing I do not want to wear heels if we are going hiking. :) LOL
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33, Man | Portland and surrounding, Gervais, Oregon, USA

Ideally: Von Dutch date that is different. A cool venue or art gallery or something new in town that gives you the chance to have a real conversation and see if you connect.
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35, Woman | beach, New Albany, Mississippi, USA

A long walk along the beach hand in hand just listening mg to the waves followed by dinner and movie...the go back cf k to his place, open a bottle of wine or beer and talk and get to know each other better
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28, Woman | Arlington, Texas, USA

Something sweet and intimate where we can really talk and get to know one another. I don't want the usual lets go to the movies and sit in the dark where it's so lound we can't even talk. Let's go do something fun and different where we can talk and really interact with one another /)
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32, Woman | New York, New York, USA

Not picky, somewhere nice, surprise me.

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