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51, Woman | Canada/USA/Australia, North Denmark, DNK

I have not been to a big sporting event (5000+ people) for some years so I think that would be a great first date- if it is a sport I had interest in :-D Otherwise lunch at a cafe :-)
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32, Man | Lasretag/paintball, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

I'm VIP at Horeshoe Casino, I could us a steak dinner after paintball.
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25, Woman | Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

I think first dates should be something like getting coffee, a sporting event or maybe just like a walk or drive and park somewhere. The first date is really about getting to know someone better and finding more common ground for the next date. Seeing if the attraction is really there. I like a little affection on the first date but nothing like too much because its important to know you connect with someone first.
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30, Woman | Lenoir, North Carolina, USA

I love sports so I wouldn't mind a football game, basketball game or baseball game for a first date.
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46, Woman | Anywhere, Dayton, Ohio, USA

My perfect date would be an outdoor sporting event with good conversation, good food, and good adult beverage.
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40, Woman | City of London, GBR

Ideally this would be perfect as we are around people, all having a good time (if your team wins) but it's a great ice-breaker time as we can both be ourselves and feel the need/pressure to be 'performing' or trying to impress to a point where you are no longer your true relaxed self. I would like for you to get to know me in a comfortable setting where I am myself and not feeling like I'm a deer caught in headlights. This is more ideal if we are 2 'strangers' meeting for the first time - long time friends well then that's a whole other story all together :)
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27, Woman | Crocker, Missouri, USA

The movies, a sporting event, lunch or dinner. I want to go somewhere where we can be ourselves.
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29, Woman | Superior, Arizona, USA

Hmmm I guess just going somewhere we can really get a sense of who the other is I suppose
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41, Woman | Tucson, Arizona, USA

Liking to get to know each other walk on the beach on the ocean
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26, Woman | North Tonawanda, New York, USA

I would love to go to just some sports bar in the area and watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon and get to know the person.
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44, Man | Chicago, Osceola, Indiana, USA

At any sportining events I love sports
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55, Woman | arena or stadium sport, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

I chose a sporting event to see how well you know the game the positions of offense and defense. To see how competitive you are but being able to feel relaxed and at ease but have fun.
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28, Woman | San Francisco, California, USA

Anything where we can cheer, high energy, and have a blast.
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44, Woman | Tucson, Arizona, USA

I am up for any thing something fun it doesnt have to be dinner
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51, Woman | Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Attend an sporting event and them out for a jog or walk.

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