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    So I decided to get on here after my ex and I parted ways..she let me know in the most "subtle" of ways that she wasn't to fond of me going into the military by sleeping around..but enough of that lol... I'm back in NYC from being in FL and I hope to meet a women that I can share my world with...even though I am National Guard and I love can get very lonely, I guess thats the gift and the curse :\

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    Hi there. Sorry to hear you have been through some tough emotional times. If you want a friend to begin with, someone to talk to Im here for you. Life will be good again. I divorced many years ago. Im in a good place now, independent, good career. Not emotionally needy. Get in touch. Cheers, Deb :-)

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    i am 31, divorced, from a violent man (for lack of better words), and more than willing to relocate. I have no family to speak of, and nothing keeping me where I am. I would never take you for granted, and you would always know you are wanted and needed, and appreciated by me.
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