moving on how to heal a broken heart

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    my heart has been broken. it wasn't the first time, and darn it all I doubt it will be the last. BUT it is time to get out from under these covers and go out and have some fun. I rarely get to do this since I have small children, but for me hanging out at a bar with good music and a group of female and male friends sounds like just the cure! I want to get out there and remember what it feels like to be young and happy
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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 05, 2012 at 03:58 PM

    takes time, eh... suppose so, but HOW much is the question??? he was a part of my life for 6 years. the last year of that we were living together. he broke my heart 5 months ago. moved out and far away 3 months ago and still I'm sad...every day. and my moods just seem to yo yo depending on if he is on my mind or not. it is craziness. I use to think no matter how much the experince hurt I would never trade it because of all of the good times... now I wish I could just purge him from my mind and heart. he is everywhere I turn. wether it is something physical-- a hat, t-shirt, pin... frick-n-frack, everything in my house practically or just simply talking to my kid's teacher about how they are doing he is there in my head. he was more of a father to my kids than there own father ever was. he taught them so much... part of who they are today I owe to him... but at the same time he left and now their mommy is broken and can't figure out how to heal...
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    Only time will heal it
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