Women willing to relocate? army and marine men

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    i believe if ur love is so strong u will go anywhere 2 recieve is love
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    I am willing to relocate but it is hard to find a good guy. I have my own money. I am not looking for a pay check. I want a guy that can home to me and we can talk. and I can rub his back and cook, but it seems that the guys want to date the mean girls.
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    To answer our question boxer...yes! I thibk if you find the right person and I emphasize "right" you will do that and support them.
    I have lived in Canada my entire life and my inner circle and family is here but come June I will move to USA and support my significant other.
    We all make some sacrafices but in this case I gain so much with mine.
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    If I were in love with the person I would def relocate for him...
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    I believe that love has no boundaries.
    Love is considered a journey together through life, why not throughout the country or elsewhere?
    If you are fortunate to find someone who loves you no matter what, moving and relocating are insignifigant; as long as you both share the dedication for each other...

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    I've done both, relocated for a man and had a man relocate for me. That was all before I was older and in a more professional stage of my life. Now I find myself stuck in MD because that is where my husband's job is, but it has been a year and I still haven't found a job in my field anywhere within an hours drive from our home. Sure we would go anywhere that has the best pay but the difference between my work is you move from job to job. I'm a wildlife scientist and it usually takes a couple of years of moving around taking 6-18month positions before you settle down for a longer position. I'm now in a position where I wish I could find a man who would be willing to relocate for me or if not at least make enough money for it not to be a strain for me to stay at home with the kids. and heck if none of that maybe a guy who is competent enough to take care of the children for 3 or 4 months while I am gone working somewhere else. I'm frustrated, can ya tell!
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    would a guy relocate for a good woman?...what if she's a professional and has an awesome career...i think the questions go both ways
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    As filipina it has been our nature to be relocate where ever our husband based.
    So relocating for me is not a big question as long as we love each other thats matter most to me.

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    I would be willing to relocate only for the right man; Finding Mr. Right is like looking for a needle in a haystack.I however have to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to our men that is fighting for our country, keep up the great work!!! GOD Bless, Barbara
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    boxert22 write:
    So where are the women willing to relocate for us good guys that are serving our country? I always here women say that they've never meet a good man when there's plenty serving our country today! Are you willing to follow us as we are willing to love you no matter what?

    That's a good, honest question, sir, and something that people on this site ought to seriously think about.

    I live in one of the most beautiful, clean, safe, and socially-conscious cities in the World. It would take someone significant, and I would have to be beyond any doubt(s) that the relationship was meant to-be.

    I do not believe that there is "the One", and only one person for everyone. Realistically, for those whom are seeking their romantic "soul mate", this person is within their own city or town. They've just not met that person yet. They've likely been wondering where you have been too.
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    I would be willing to relocate in a second for the "right guy".
    If it's the right guy I'll treat him like a king.
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    I would definately relocate if I felt that I had met "the one", but I would not feel good about the relationship if he came home a few times a year. If you are in love with someone, you want to be with that person.
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    For the right one... of course I would! It's easier to pack a box than it is to find the one who was meant for you.
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    I am a woman who has relocated several times for my military man, i followed him everywhere he went...they are good men out there no matter what other women say , yes you guys go away on deployment but the love you have for your woman grow more and more evrerday .....keep up the good work men....

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    I would relocate for the right person rather serving in the military or not...If you love them then walk beside them...If you don't, leave them alone. So many young girls go after guys just because of the uniform..(stupid) that is not what makes the person,,it is there soul, there hearts and there strong desire to support there country, the uniform is just clothing.
    I have to say if you knew going into the relationship that your partner was in the military then you should know they will have to move around and if that is not something you would concider to do for them then you need to stay away from military men or woman because they don't ask to have there hearts broke ....smiles & kudos to you all!...I wish you find the love your seeking...
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    I grew up in a military family moving every three years. I figure if my mom can do it so can I. So, yes for the right person...I would relocate.
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    I have to be real you all me personally "I would never relocate for someone."Why" Well because in most cases about 50% of men will not do what, us women will always do for them. I may be wrong who knows but lets be realistically. I am?
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    Hey it isn't only men that want someone to relocate, some of us women have also been out there serving our country (and yours too) and we don't have our fellas following us either. In fact mine decided to find another woman whilst I was out there in the heat and sand.

    I would relocate anywhere in the world for a man if I thought that he would do the same for me if I asked him to.

    AJ x
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    merka1970 write:
    I have to admit that although Im a bit "Old-School" Im cynical by nature... I tend to enjoy people who share the same "reality" as me... But for some Strange reason I am fascinated by magazines like US and People who talk abou the "Stars" and how they run their lives and how tuff they are or who is dating who... I get the hugest kick out of seeing how their world plays out... GOD knows the sky in "their" world isn't the same blue as mine or the rest of realities... but, none-the-less mind boggingly addictive... Kinda like the sport "curling." God love the Canadians for inventing a sport where after a 6 pack of beer it becomes like watching the Super Bowl...lol

    Anyway I only mentioned this cause the idea of having a ONE month a year relationship falls into the same catagory of stuff I throw the "Stars" life and world into... Neat but not "real"

    So Merka, what happens to relationships when you get deployed for a year? Do they cease to be real? Just wondering...
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    well i would have to agre there are two aspects to consider I grew up in sunny Ca and married my husband who was stationed in ocean side and we made it threw the deployments if that dosn't put distance between a realtionship then moveing and relocating would be diffrent I moved all the way to snowy IL and now we are divorced with four children and If I fell in love there would have to be some compermise becouse on the flip side as much as my heart would want to go I could not take the children away from there dad where he is used to seeing them when ever he wants and having that bond with them it would tear me up to only allow him the summer's with them they are xchanging everyday and I couldn't bare it if he missed out on there growing up so what do you do torn in a rock and a hard place any veiws on this would be good thanks Joann

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