all enlisted military (women 2) looking for pen pals army and marine men

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    H3££θ , I am Annalin I am a military brat born and raised most all members of my family were enlisted at some time I love my country and every active duty member of its armed forces I was raised military and I have the most respect for it i am a patriot I care about every member who is fighting and standing guard watching over our US territories. Including the Mariana islands I feel part of my job and to show my appreciation is to keep our service members happy and in good company and taken care of I am willing to be a pen pal for anyone and yes especially the ladies girls if you need anything let me know ha ha it's hard being a solider it's even harder being a woman out there!  I am interested in sending any troops in need of anything or any soldiers for that matter I am not suppose to put my address here lol hmmmm wonder if I can get away with sending it in Morris code??? I hope o don't get in trouble jee gosh now pay attention ----. ----- ..... / . .- ... - / ..-. .. ..-. - .... / ... - / -... .-.. ..- . / . .- .-. - .... / -- .. -. -. . ... --- - .- / ..... -.... ----- .---- ...--


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    Anyone else who feels like being a pen pal please feel free to let that be known thanks and very much appreciated