how do military men choose thier wife? army and marine men

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    im just curious how this men in uniform choose thier future wife. Military men actually have the privilige of meeting different girls with different nationalities.... which making the choosing very difficult, i guess.....
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    to love a military man whether deployed of not is something that you have to know in your heart that you are willing to be apaty for days, weeks, months, years, and many times  multiple deployments and multiple transfers because of reassignments.  that is something that would not be a problem for me o handle.  i could stay faithful and honest about things with the man tht i loved.  the reason for that is because i know where my place is in a relationship.  if you love someone you are willing to put everyone and everything aside yo be yhere for him no matter what it takes.  one thing is for sure there is no room in my life for the word cheat.  if you love a man you are there for the good and the bad. the easy and the hard.  next to each other or thousands of miles apart.  and you will make sure that your man knows it everywaay possible.  even if tht means sending little notes everyday that just say i love you.  hopefully one day i will find my man and  be able to show him  tgat kind of love and understanding.

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    I have seen alot of my friends go and get married before they go over seas and they seem happy, until the honeymoon phase is gone. Most people I do know that are in the military end up in divorce with in two years of marriage, so I tread lightly and listen to them on taking my time to chose the one I want to spent the rest of my life with.

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    From my experience, I see my friends and friends of friends marry for the money, or some marry their high school sweethearts before having a real dating experience and really meeting people from around the world, other has married for that human connection and not being alone, or to have that support in what they see and witness everyday. But obviously it depends on the person. I see a lot of guys who pick someone who would likely not cheat on them rather than someone of their standards or more attractive as well.
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    Alot of friends of mine who are married military seem to do it so they won’t be alone. I honestly feel that’s the reason behind the divorce. Its always good to get to know someone first.

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    i just wanted 2 say godbless ur a very brave lady my heart goes out 2 all .
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    U really have to watch getting mixed up with foreigners, u really do not know if they are or were involved in terrorism,espionage or may just hate military. I know when I was stationed in Germany the terrorism was an everyday threat. It is just not worth jeopardizing your career or even your life. I was almost blown up in Frankfurt at the PX. Just really think about getting involved with foreigners.

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    I know being in the military is not easy...the woman should understand that kind of job...but some woman are cheating in behalf of the husband which is not right....they should tell the husband how much she loves him,,show much care and respect....

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    In my experience military men choose depending on the current situation they are in during their career. More likely to marry 6 months to a year after deployment.

    Loyalty has by far been a issue most military persons worry about especially during deployments or long trainings. I don't think women realize how difficult things can be. One minute your partner is off to work the next minute he says he is going somewhere he cant tell you. Dirty stinky pt uniforms, long days, weekends and hey his men will come first many times before you because their lives depend on him. If you can handle that then you have a chance.
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    I disagree they all want hot skinny barbie dolls at least when I was in and the ones Ive run into. I started going to the gym and am not so so bad to look at but its probably all looks like all men care about.
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    I don't think servicemen look at women any different than a civilian would. The only thing that changed for me was that I got pickier about body type. If I'm running 5 miles everyday for PT, there was no way in hell I wanted some woman who didn't keep herself in shape. As an infantrymen I lived an active lifestyle and I wanted a woman that could keep up. As was already said, initial attraction is always based off of looks. After that as you get to know each other you'll see what they are truely like and if you're compatible or not. I was able to go to a lot of countries when we went on float or being stationed overseas and I can't say I ever condsidered do anything more than eye candy during a brief liberty call or dating if I was stationed there. Most of the guys I knew thought the same way.
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    You have a good point but just like every other men we are attracted to diffrent traits. I like dark hair light eyes and someone that is in shape. As for personality someone that laughs a lot and can take and give jokes. At the same time you have to be interested in the same things as always. The big thing being a Marine is that I need someone that is willing to wait for me considering I am gone alot I guess that the only diffrent thing we look for then any other man.
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    Hi gfunky,

    I believe its not about choosing or searching, it will just happen. Of course, something must attract you to that person, but after that other things get more important, something like that her smile will just simply blow you away :-). Superficial relationship do not last to long in my opinion, yes you have someone really beatiful beside you, but what if she does not laugh at your jokes or shares some of the same interests?
    Anyways.. only the heart can see truly, the eyes are blind :-)
    Good luck for you and believe me, the right one will cross your path eventually
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    I'm with you shewolf, once you've been burnt you have to be careful. one step at a time and watch your back.
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    Well" I guess its a question that all women would seriously like to know. Like my self of course (smile).......
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    Hello Gfunky!

    How it's going in Germany?