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    I have to say that I just love a man in uniform. Born and raised in Hawaii. I have 3 sons who have flown the coop for many years now and now have 7 beautiful grandchildren I absolutely adore. I'll do anything I can... for just about anyone... if I can as I consider myself to be a caring and compassionate person. I can never remember jokes, but I do have a sense of humor and can be really funny sometimes. I'm really independent and a hard worker. I'm family oriented and a day doesn't go by when I DON'T speak to someone in my family. I love BBQ's, walking the beach, camping, a great night out on the town, dinner with candlelight,wine and good conversation. I'm a free spirit!!! Roaming the earth at will!
    It doesn't matter if you live in the great United States of America and I live in the middle of the Pacific ocean, I"d love to continue conversing as pen pals and see where it takes us. One thing I've learned in life is, you have to take a chance...and I'm taking the first step, would you like to leap with me to the next?

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    MABUHAY look whats happening to me something that i will face my ULTIMATE CHALLENGE IN MY LOVELIFE asking an ADVICE or guide me should i stick to my word NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER i could feel that i will lost the battle BUT it will make history in my LOVELIFE that one day in my life a DREAM LADY give me an UNFORGETABLE EXPERIENCE which for sure i will treasure this for the rest of life HOPE that i could find already what im searchin for BELIEVE ME im trying hard to leap you to the next but there is a big question mark that i could not carry the GOLD MEMBERSHIP coz its difficult to get CREDIT CARD here in K.S.A, PRAYING that someday i will have an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM that i share the story of life so with my lovelife with you in a place of my world OCEAN DEEP just always remember the word RESPECT this is the one i could offer to you and a million THX for giving time to read my profile and please do a reply on MY BLOG SANDSTORM VETERAN BATCH 82 thats for you and only you coz I NEED YOU and IF GODS WILL i will whisper to you WILL YOU MARRY ME so this is it i express already what my HEARTHOF GOLD is shouting to you AGAIN and AGAIN GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH EVERYDAY give my REGARDS TO ALL YOUR LOVED ONES ESPECIALLY YOUR 7 GRANDCHILDREN I PITY MY SELF that i was NOT given a CHANCE TO SEE YOU PERSONALLY AND HAVE AN ONLINE CHAT BUT TO SEE YOUR PICTURES is a must to me so that everynight your beside me MABUHAY FROM k.s.a
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    MABUHAY from K.S,A,remember me I decided tonigt to see once more your pictures in your files and by chance I read your topic and try to study and understand it so that by chance someday OUR DEAR LORD will here my petition.MY comment I like just the way you are conservative carrer woman. Once again RESPECT is the word to have an IDEAL MATCH FRIEND and TAKE CARE ALWAYS
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