Honesty and faithfulness Military dating

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    I know there is someone out there who still believes in honesty and faithfulness. It just seems like I can't find him. One thing I have learned is that no one is perfect, the trick is finding that one person who can love you despite your inperfections. Its important to have standards and expectations, but if you can't reach them or you don't, then don't hang them over someone else's head. If we set the bar high for ourselves, and strive to be the person of integrity, virtue, respect, honesty, and ect. then we will be what someone else will want. Right? I just want someone who can love me for me, despite my downfalls. We are all growing, its just important that we don't stop and that we find someone who knows their not perfect and is willing to improve themselves to be the perfect match. Relationships are not perfect, its working through the imperfections that make or break that relationship.

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    So what does everyone else think about this? I would love to hear everyone else's opinion.