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    I would like to develope a relationship with one of few and brave women in are nations military. I may not be able to to serve, but I can make her feel like the most appreciated woman there is!
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    I have not been on this site for so long, I hope you are doing well, as to your question, I have time, and lots of heart, and not much else. i enjoy family, and being home and making a place that is welcome to the important people in my life. i would like to offer a place where my important person knows is welcoming, loving, that there is a home waiting, and there service is always appreciated. i am an oldschool guy, who wants a confident capable woman, and a service woman would be on the top of my list for those core values I appreciate.
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    Hello, I saw your profile. You sound really interesting. I just joined. Just out of curiousity, dating someone in the military is so hard why do you want to put yourself through that? Just curious, I am origianally from California born and raised but now i find myself stuck in Bremerton Wa, Lol. It's not bad, i am just so glad that I live so close to Seattle. There is a lot to do there.

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