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    Many people view my taste for a man in uniform to be base on how good it looks. While this is true - it does look mighty nice , it's not the main reason. There are few if any other occupations in which a partner can hold so much pride in their man. It's is one of the few relationships where you are privileged enough to give some much unconditional support to them and of their job , to exhibit such trust and faithfulness. They also more often than not they possess a pride that is seldom equaled.

    Why do you go for a man in uniform ?
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    Agreed to say the very least people are cruel and do and make bad choices don't try to stereotype them people are people the judge in my town cheated on his wife there still together mainly to save face but none the less that don't mean all certain type of people are bad you can find good and bad people everywhere and no offence I am a woman and we are some of the most vial people on earth and I have a lot of sisters more then you can count on one hand hardly any boys and let me tell you what i don't ever wanna hear a woman complain about how a man treats her bad or did them wrong  cause they are three times more likely to act upon the same situations then men are women are impulsive naturally so and there very seductive and persuasive. More so then men so let's take a look at that and then realise woman take more advantage of men and hurt them then men do women and boys and men learn what they live people so if mommy isn't doing her job he is gonna be a dick or spoiled or or full of themself same go for women in my quarters the only thing my parents did wrong was the last child they spoiled and babied and man dose she know how to take advantage just by batting her lashes or grinning at someone yup even take a the ladies for a ride sometimes do sent even lift a finger now don't stereotype or be sexist about it cause if your a woman in less your a dam tomboy you know exactly what I mean and have at some point in your lives been guilty of what your angry at the opposite sex or military or job or anything else for that matter so you wouldn't be so upset and ass hurt if you quit letting your mouths ladies into something your asses can't handle oh I am guilty of this as much as the next person I'm human but at least I recognize it and try my hardest not to shove the blame off else where or on others if you are taken advantage of its your own fault if you believe lies and are gullible that's your own fault to no one allows you to become that way you allow yourself to be treated that way take it as a lesson learned not a reason to hate or be angry at any one but yourselves it's called individuality no one is the same don't treat them that way 

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    Your talking to a military brat as most would call us but it's not the uniform it's the lifestyle accountability respect structure team work and independance I have had the worst time trying to ajust to civilian life and I hate it you want honesty I can't stay in one place for more then eighteen months at most ever I hate where I am and need change that's the only thing in civilian life that keeps me balanced is my need for pcs other word moving a lot. I can't stand the people out here living in society for me its like a war zone I just don't fit in people are lazy disrespectful have no sense of structure or discipline and know nothing about moderation crime out here is pathetic in the military these things aren't tolerated no sir not even of us children there are no frat policies and many other policies we are bound by but that's why its so wonderful you rarely see people in the service falling apart well except for those stupid morons trying to scam the system with contract marriages and such the hardest part for me was civilians treat you so different they treated me like I was foreign because English was my second language both my parents are American Service members just cause the first language i learned was Tagalog don't mean stick me in ESL classes the military has a better structure and for some sense of security so please don't mistake it for the uniform or totally hot fit people in it lol and two there so much cleaner ha ha cause they have to be I still make my bed with hospital corners and the only thong o don't miss is the stupid while glove i hated that shit. My house is still super clean Sunday's and I still get up at four am every morning even when I don't want to I guess when you been doing it since birth it's a hard habit to change that's my rant 

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    I think Square Eyes has either been hurt in the past by unfaithful military man? or she is going by the reputation that is going around re military men: re them being unfaithful to their wives while overseas. That being said, I have also heard it the other way around, with the wives being the cheating ones while hubbies are away. But, honestly, you can't put all men or women in the same category. You have to get to know that person for yourself before passing judgement.
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    Well, i know that there are other people on this site besides us military folk. But it still raises the question in my mind...Square Eyes, just what are you looking for and why wouldn't you trust a military man with your heart? call me one sided, biased or nything else you want, we all want the same thing, friendship and love. The guys in the military are the same way as everyone else, except in one way...maybe you should take the time to find out what hat is before you come up with a conclusion of all military men.
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    yes the uniform is sexy but its only a tiny part of the story. Men that have served in the military have different values and a passion for things they believe in that you don't find in a guy who hasn't. also that serve and 'protect' thing is great too. every woman wants a man that she feels safe and protected with. a military man is trained for the job *wink*