Women, Religion, and Relationships:) I need too know....... Religion

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    Hello all. I'm a young woman whose trying to walk the straight and narrow and I just wanted to get a mans perspective on women, religion, and relationships. I've been looking for that special quality, but it seems to elude me. Men what drives your pursuit behind getting that woman "like me." Then you become posessive and...... well the list goes on. Is it the sex, the warm heart, the sincere actions and thoughts, or it just ole fashion love? I'm at a lose please shed some light for me.
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    I've once heard that a women should bury herself so deep in God that a man will have to find Him before he finds her.
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    In my opinion, putting a god before everything else can get pretty lonely. Can you have a relationship with a god? Sure. But it is a non-physical relationship.
    It depends on how you want to be treated. In the major faiths, woman and man are not equals. Christianity, for example, shows a long history of the treatment of women as property, chattle, if you will. It was Eve that Yahweh blamed for corrupting Adam (if you can consider an act of free will and enlightenment smething corrupt). The Bible is full of stories in both the new and old testaments where women are looked down upon.
    If you feel that you are not an equal to a man, then I'm sure by placing Christian morality as a high priority you'll get the treatment you think you deserve.
    If you really believe that having a relationship with a ghost is going to improve your relationship with a man, then there isn't much advice I can offer you.
    Religion, faith, and belief are only as important you or he make it.

    "let your conversation be of the Lord mostly and dont give in to the lies and deceit"

    I'd say this is bad advice. Unless you're trying to meet men at chirch, or want a holy roller bible thumper, don't limit your conversations. If the only thing you have in common is god, you'll be miserable. Let your conversation be about more than just faith, because that is the only way to uncover lies and deceit.

    "what drives your pursuit behind getting that woman. Is it the sex, the warm heart, the sincere actions and thoughts, or it just ole fashion love?"

    99% of the time, the honest answer is all of the above, if you find a decent guy. Personality and looks are the top two traits most men look for. Looks are important in the beginning, as physical attraction is the psychological draw. Personality becomes more important as the relationship evolves. Be honest to yourself, and don't be too concerned with religion. You'll find a compatible match eventually, just don't try to force it.
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    In response to your question..First of all start by putting God first in all things even before a boyfriend,start a relationship with Him.Women are the other half of a man and that man reconizes the importance of her for completeness of becoming one with each other and The Lord,next there is no such thing as religion and if so it is created by Man(mankind)and yes religion can be confusing because it is.The relationship starts with you by carrying yourself in such a manner..(see the Book of Ruth)that is and demands respect..all men love the chase..its what happens when they catch..let your conversation be of the Lord mostly and dont give in to the lies and deceit(game)..hopes this helps