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I found a man in the who's active duty in the navy and we fell in love over this site starting in May 12, 2005. We have been dating ever since, we even ended up in the same state, in va, when he got transferred to Norfolk. And well I ended up back in northern virginia with my parents, because I was affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and so I moved back up to Virginia and started living with my parents again. both Ryan and I end up meeting each other in Septeber of 2005 when he last minute got a flight to the dulles airport and we met for the very first time. by then we had already decided we were meant to be together and due to fate we ended up near each other in the same state at around the same exact time. Since, then, I moved down to the norfolk area in spring of 2006 and we have been happily engaged since that april 2006 right after i moved in with him. I know it sounds sudden but really it was the best thing i have ever done, we had only since each other 3 different occasions for days at a time before we decided to move in together. there were other circumstances involved, but truly it was the best decision i have ever made in my life, and so has he. My fiance' and I, Ryan and I, Well, I am happy to announce that our wedding is next April in 2008. And we have faithful to each other ever since we started talking way back in May of 2005, we stopped talking to every other person except each other from this site and any other sites we were on, and we found our soulmate in one another. I have found my One True Love and he agrees with me on this sentiment, and if WE could find each other and live happily ever after, so can you too. ~Laura

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